Are you a dinosaur?

There’s a great big fiery asteroid in the sky. It’s called the future. And try as you might to deny its inevitability, it’s going to hit you in the face. 

As true today as it was 65 million years ago, being adaptable is key to survival. Clients change, processes evolve, technology moves on – and if you’re treading water, you’ll never get to where you want to be.

People are notoriously resistant to change; too concerned by what could be lost over what could be gained. Foster a workplace culture which encourages positive discussion about change, and give voice to those who promote it, else processes and skill sets stagnate and your business will forever play catch-up.
If your competition takes a step forward, you need to take two steps forward: use that cutting edge software; make time for tutorials to improve current skills and learn new ones; invest in long term solutions. Make goals for 2027, not 5.30pm.

Just because it’s always been that way, doesn’t mean it forever will, nor forever should. Don’t ignore the future. Be the future.