Go Paperless

Your music is in 0s and 1s. Your TV shows are in 0s and 1s. So why isn’t your workplace in 0s and 1s? Going paperless not only reduces waste, but has many benefits…

Reduce Consumables

Paper: Going paperless isn’t about hugging trees. They’re being replanted to ensure we will forever have books, packaging, and Oak Furniture Land. It’s about cost, space, and the limitations of ink on a slice of wood. Search a document for a word; my money is on the computer finding it first, and also not missing out any instances.

Ink: The only time you should use ink is if you’re selling whatever it’s on.

Printers: Kiss goodbye to jams, waste toner, cryptic beeps, new parts, and worst of all, waiting for the engineer. And the Bob Marley jokes.

The Alternatives

Digital Cataloguing: Adobe Bridge, as an example, allows you to browse documents by attribute, with thumbnails for an instant overview – and it doesn’t require an Adobe subscription. It’s OK, I don’t work for Adobe.

Visualisation: 3D software can create dynamic and realistically rendered solutions for what you used to do physically; visuals are editable on the fly, and can be shared universally.

Collaborative Digital Approval: Multiple parties can review and comment on digital documents simultaneously, whether in Acrobat or with Google.


Reduced Cost On Consumables: More for the bonus pot. You would hope.

Declutter: Reclaim that space!

Searchable Data: Digital files contain an array of metadata regarding text content, colours, save dates etc. All of this is searchable, meaning you can filter documents by attribute easily. 

Accountability: Using an organised method of digital housekeeping – and its accompanying metadata – gives full accountability for the history of a project.

Streamlining: Digital documents are more accessible and more efficient.

by Lewis Llewellyn


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